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antebellum / довоенный, до гражданской войны в США
имя прилагательное
prewar, antebellum
до гражданской войны в США
имя прилагательное
occurring or existing before a particular war, especially the American Civil War.
the conventions of the antebellum South
It's interesting to me, Valerie, that you would choose to write about the antebellum slavery era.
Houses from the nineteenth century are similar to antebellum architecture of the American South, with verandas and classical columns.
Parallels to antebellum America have been made repeatedly.
It may be that this story is unique to Louisiana in the late antebellum period, but this would hardly lessen the volume's significance.
The slave narrative is the best single source we have for the lived experience of bondage in the antebellum period.
The antebellum South was a society founded on the traditional family of husband, wife, and children.
The antebellum Southeast was without electricity, recorded music, television, movies, or radio.
The residents who profited most from Virginia's antebellum society, however, fought the hardest to maintain it.
The antebellum decades were not all that terrific either.
The authors assert that the tariff was a crucial, if not the main, economic source of divisiveness during the antebellum era.