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antagonism / антагонизм, вражда, сопротивление
имя существительное
antagonism, opposition
enmity, feud, animosity, antagonism, opposition
resistance, resist, opposition, strength, stand, antagonism
имя существительное
active hostility or opposition.
the antagonism between them
The antagonism between races in the city is nothing compared with the fear of it felt by those outside.
And there often is an assumption that it is about hostility or antagonism between men and women.
So much of the way people behave in negotiations causes anger, bitterness, hostility or antagonism .
Both relationships are made difficult by a shared awareness of a history of mutual antagonism between ethnic groups.
This suddenly changed the long-standing political antagonism between the East and the West.
Very often it is our discrimination against them that helps nurture their antagonism towards us.
He said antagonism between the French teenagers and local youths had built up over the weekend, with a number of verbal exchanges.
The petty point-scoring highlights the deepening antagonism between the rivals.
As in biochemistry, antagonism in pharmacology is not restricted to competition.
In the early nineteenth century, the old British antagonism between Celts and Saxons was put on a biological footing.