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answerable / ответственный, соответственный
имя прилагательное
responsible, accountable, liable, answerable, chargeable, amenable
respective, corresponding, accordant, correspondent, relative, answerable
имя прилагательное
required to explain or justify one's actions to; responsible or having to report to.
I'm not answerable to you for my every movement
(of a question) able to be answered.
straightforward and answerable questions
That is a question that the president simply said is not answerable right now.
It's an answerable question that no one has ever pressed seriously.
Judging by his alchemy and religious writings, which considerably outnumber those concerned with scientific matters, he clearly believed that some of these questions were answerable by other methods.
Otherwise, it was a very answerable paper with a good choice of questions.
Science on the other hand normally sticks to the answerable questions, and can afford the luxury of insisting on truth and proof in its reporting.
Obviously some questions may not yet be answerable with the evidence available.
One of the intriguing questions, only partly answerable at present, is why the birds migrate at all.
The second question is not quite so easily answerable .
If mediocre students pray for easily answerable question papers, the bright ones seek good memory power.
Instead I argued that such ultimate questions are not answerable , at least by anyone in our contemporary conversation.