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another / другой, иной, подобный
имя прилагательное
other, another, different, second, otherwise, new
other, another, otherwise, new, diverse, either
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, parallel
еще один
отличный от
used to refer to an additional person or thing of the same type as one already mentioned or known about; one more; a further.
have another drink
used to refer to a different person or thing from one already mentioned or known about.
come back another day
his wife left him for another man
It is one thing becoming a member, quite another to be asked to actually play with the old boys.
An article that referred to another publication for more details was not reviewed.
Perhaps they can stage another celebrity boxing match between the two of them.
More of a prickly problem is persuading games publishers that it isn't another Windows 3.0.
It had belonged to another of the guards, and Peter had at first been loath to put it on.
We simply have to convince people that one way of using words is better than another .
we don't want another Iraq
We always got it right for the indoors but for one reason or another it never quite worked outdoors.
It is one thing to possess an electric bulb yet it is quite another to make it light up.