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anoint / помазать, смазывать, намазывать
grease, lubricate, smear, oil, anoint, slur
spread, plaster, dab, anoint
smear or rub with oil, typically as part of a religious ceremony.
high priests were anointed with oil
So a delegation is dispatched to ask Samuel to anoint a king instead.
Achilles goes out to the wagon and takes two capes and a shirt for Hector's body, ordering his men to clean and anoint the body before Priam sees it.
It told people when to move to new hunting grounds, when to plant crops, when to bury the dead, anoint new rulers, slaughter animals, make babies.
In one he expressly declared that the coronation of the Young King by the Archbishop of York did not constitute a precedent and that the right to crown and anoint the kings of England belonged to Canterbury.
This was the oil they used to anoint kings and priests, and that upon John the Baptist anointing Jesus, Jesus sees a vision of God, and the Holy Spirit descends on him.
In front of rapt audiences he would burn his skin with acid and then anoint the wounds with his wonder-jelly, pointing to earlier scars Vaseline had healed.
God told the prophet Samuel to go to Jesse's home to anoint the next king of Israel.
When Mary Magdalene went to Jesus's tomb to anoint the body, she was shocked to find it empty.
According to some reports, when they returned two days later to anoint his body, they found the tomb empty.
Kuna Indians anoint the tips of their arrows with poison