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annunciation / возвещение, объявление
имя существительное
annunciation, enunciation
ad, advertisement, declaration, announcement, advert, annunciation
имя существительное
the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to Mary (Luke 1:26–38).
In Matthew's Nativity, the angelic Annunciation is made to Joseph while Luke's is to Mary.
He explained his ‘programme’ for the first movement: the trumpets and horns outburst is ‘an annunciation of death’.
the annunciation of a set of rules applying to the relationships between states
For the purposes of alarm annunciation , each floor of the building, other than floors of existing buildings, are considered as not less than one zone, unless otherwise permitted by requirements in the code.
On retreat prior to our moving, I read and reread the story of the annunciation .
Two of the recorded events in Mary's life illustrate the different aspects and possible interpretations of Marian theology: the annunciation and her magnificat on her visit to her cousin Elizabeth.
Comprehensively designed alarm systems perform three important functions: event annunciation , status reporting, and event logging.
What results is a constant raising of the stakes in the same game, the annunciation of an apocalypse, a final unveiling.
There in a window above the altar was Mary and her story, the annunciation and visitation; at the bottom of the window there was also a depiction of the donors, The Guild of Bakers.
Gabriel is best known as the angel of the annunciation .
As the story of the annunciation has already told us, Jesus' life and ministry are the embodiment of the work of God's Spirit.