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annuity / ежегодная рента, ежегодный доход
имя существительное
ежегодная рента
ежегодный доход
имя существительное
a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life.
he left her an annuity of $1,000 in his will
The annuity pays you a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.
In many respects, the variable annuity sounds like a mutual fund, but it has key differences.
he left her an annuity of £1,000 in his will:
annuity loan
On the free market, anyone who wishes to invest in an insurance annuity or in stocks or real estate may do so.
When you use the amortization or annuity method, you must factor in an annual interest rate.
Previously, if investors wanted to reinvest the bulk of their savings, they were compelled to put the money into an annuity .
At retirement, savers can opt for a fixed or variable-rate annuity .
an annuity scheme
An annuity guarantees a fixed income for life but is dependent on interest rates at the time of retirement.