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annual / ежегодный, годовой, однолетний
имя прилагательное
annual, yearly, anniversary
annual, yearly, anniversary
имя существительное
annual, yearbook, almanac, annals
однолетнее растение
annual, ephemeral
имя прилагательное
occurring once every year.
the union's annual conference
имя существительное
a book or magazine that is published once a year under the same title but with different contents.
a Christmas annual
Teresa Hunter examines how banks are bamboozling their customers with the very complex methods of calculating annual percentage rates
The conference is the premier annual event in cardiology on the medical education calendar in the region.
I can state for a fact that my neighbour will come out of hibernation to plant his annual crop of potatoes on Good Friday.
The members of Athy Town Council have agreed on an increase in the annual commercial rate of 6.5%.
A tradition grew up around this annual event whereby once the cake was cut and the goodies all eaten it was time for ghost stories.
After 2000, the expenditure continued to increase at an annual rate of 12.5 percent.
Spring tillage can stimulate the germination of annual weed seeds.
This will take the form of a direct annual €1,000 payment for each child until they reach school-going age.
Most gardeners begin their foray into container gardening with baskets and boxes of colorful annual flowers.
At Rentokil's annual director conference the event has traditionally ended with a formal dinner.