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annoy / раздражать, досаждать, надоедать
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, rile
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, spite
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, pester
irritate (someone); make (someone) a little angry.
your damned cheerfulness has always annoyed me
are you trying to annoy me?
It was weather enough to annoy the travelers and dampen their morale as well as their clothes.
I didn't like it, but it was enough to really annoy my wife, who would have all smokers hung, drawn and quartered if she could.
So it's not all bad, but there's still enough stupidity around to annoy me if I really think about it.
You have full run of the place, unless you annoy me enough to lock you in your room.
don't annoy the neighbours
rock music loud enough to annoy
The people move slowly enough to annoy me but quickly enough to disorient me.
Clichéd, stereotypical tales of the relative strengths of men and women always annoy me.
bad manners tend to annoy