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announcement / объявление, анонс, сообщение
имя существительное
ad, advertisement, declaration, announcement, advert, notice
announcement, preview, advertisement, notice
message, report, communication, statement, information, announcement
имя существительное
a public and typically formal statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention.
the spokesperson was about to make an announcement
The White House is expected to make an announcement within the next few days.
The promised decision date of August 31 came and went without any announcement .
They put out an announcement in the newspapers about a meeting at Sophia Wadia's home at Theosophy Hall.
We don't know for certain, and maybe the violence on Tuesday will affect the timing and content of that announcement .
the announcement of the decision of the European Parliament
I interviewed an impressive young man during the week and I hope to be able to make an announcement very soon.
He will make an announcement next week, he says, that could alter the course of this country.
Privately, few at the Record ever thought a sale would go ahead, and Thursday's announcement didn't come as a huge surprise.
Consequently, the relocation decision announcement may not be the first value relevant news.
An announcement from the Mosque loudspeakers welcomed the arrival of the Iraqi Police.