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annotate / аннотировать, комментировать, снабжать примечаниями
annotate, note
comment, annotate, commentate
снабжать примечаниями
add notes to (a text or diagram) giving explanation or comment.
documentation should be annotated with explanatory notes
But, while I can annotate them, I can't copy any text at all into my notes.
You can also import a photograph and annotate it with your own handwriting or add text with Graffiti.
For Japanese speakers who use English as a second language, it is helpful to annotate this text in Japanese so that images may be recalled by Japanese keywords.
To annotate means to add explanation to information - extra ‘commentary information’ in terms of the Online Dictionary of Computing.
Not only do I underscore; I use brackets, carets, and braces; I annotate all four margins and I copiously turn down the edges (both top and bottom) of certain especially memorable pages.
It prints Lock's sonnets in old-spelling and very lightly annotated texts.
These annotations are added by a team of expert annotators who extract this information primarily from journal publications.
Much of it consists of more or less richly annotated lists of the sorts of things one sees and experiences.
Brown annotates every deliberate inaccuracy in the book's notes.
This is the base interface that all annotatable objects must implement.