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annihilate / аннигилировать, уничтожать, истреблять
annihilate, dematerialize
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, eliminate
destroy, exterminate, consume, decimate, devour, annihilate
destroy utterly; obliterate.
a simple bomb of this type could annihilate them all
There are other styles of play, such as Team Deathmatch, where the goal is simply to annihilate the opposing forces, and Capture the Flag, but they are far less popular, and the formats aren't as suitable.
Each small black loop represents a photon creating an electron and a positron, which then annihilate one another and produce a photon, in what is called a virtual process.
a simple bomb of this type could annihilate them all
The prefix anti is appropriate because an electron and a positron can annihilate each other, disappearing in a burst of energy.
They annihilate each other completely and the resultant energy is high end gamma ray radiation.
Whenever a particle meets its antiparticle counterpart, the two annihilate each other.
These therapies help to annihilate the root cause of ailments and stimulate a person's natural healing power.
Thus Pluto has come to signify enormous power that can release untold energy, destroy, or annihilate .
a crusade to annihilate evil
All that person wanted to do was destroy, to annihilate everything around her.