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annex / приложение, пристройка, дополнение
имя существительное
application, annex, appendix, supplement, enclosure, addendum
annexe, annex, outbuilding, enlargement, ell, L
addition, complement, supplement, annex, addendum, adjunct
join, add, attach, append, annex, affiliate
делать приложение
имя существительное
a building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodations.
Many of the consulate staff were working in the vulnerable annexes because the main building - a grand Italianate palace known as Pera House - was being renovated following a fire three years ago.
an addition to a document.
an annex to the report
append or add as an extra or subordinate part, especially to a document.
the first ten amendments were annexed to the Constitution in 1791
The annex at the back of the new document incorporates the legally enforceable element of the agreement.
He has secured planning permission to develop the house and grounds, but is intent on also converting the castle into an annex of the hotel.
These are located in an annex to the main building.
The students were being accommodated at the annex at the back of the school adjoining St Francis RC Church.
The Licence Committee considered other available evidence, including that derived from the four publications referred to in the attached annex .
Ardagh Community Council submitted an application to demolish the annex building to the front of the existing community centre.
Kitchens and washrooms were in an annex behind the main workhouse.
Located in a separate annex off the main landing are the third and fourth bedrooms and a second family bathroom.
an annex to the report
He said the risk streets were listed in an annex to the report, but the annex had not been made available to the press or public.