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annals / летописи, анналы, ежегодник
имя существительное
annals, fasti
annual, yearbook, almanac, annals
имя существительное
a record of events year by year.
eighth-century Northumberland annals
The latter part of the twentieth century is witnessing one of the greatest world wide religious resurgences ever recorded in the annals of human history.
eighth-century Northumberland annals
Bumper attendance, close on 6,000, was witness to yet historic chapter in the annals of Tramore Races when the track hosted the first meeting in the new €uro currency on Year's Day.
The first documented mention of Boyan is in Byzantine annals by the historian Liutprandus.
the deed will live forever in the annals of infamy
the annals of the famous European discoverers
‘The service, commitment and all of the hard efforts made by them will and have been noted forever in the annals of Indonesian history,’ he said.
She first appeared in the historical annals in 1239 as a mamlukah inmate of Turkish or Armenian origins in the Caliph al-Musta'sim's harem.
This gesture of literally taking these greatly stylised and exquisitely embellished collections to Pakistan will go down the annals of history for uniting hearts separated by miles.
Nirvana's Kurt Cobain is without a doubt one of music's most influential figures and his legacy will live forever in the annals of rock history, but in the talent department, Love is certainly no slouch.