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animus / враждебность, предубеждение
имя существительное
hostility, animosity, enmity, animus, ill will, spite
prejudice, bias, preconception, animus, prepossession, warp
имя существительное
hostility or ill feeling.
the author's animus toward her
motivation to do something.
the reformist animus came from within the Party
Jung's term for the masculine part of a woman's personality.
In that sense, the power that a female feels from the male - the animus , in Jungian terms - is a specification of the female power, a mode of application of the power.
Despite Windschuttle's denials, the rise of pastoralism ushered in an era of heightened racial animus towards Aborigines.
Whether this constitutes ‘an animus to economic reasoning,’ I cannot say.
He also identified the anima (an archetype of female wisdom) and the animus (the embodiment of masculine qualities).
the reformist animus came from within the Party
I always felt like I had a strong animus but it seemed to be a terrible thing when it came to relationships.
Fournier is, perhaps because of his animus toward the Vice-President, no stickler for accuracy.
Of course it reflects Dostoevsky's animus toward Catholicism, but it depicts the temptation to which religion, and all forms of Christian religion, not just Catholicism, are susceptible.
Ordinarily of course, self-directed aggression conflicts with the life instinct, especially it's self-preservative component, the animus .
the author's animus toward her
Motivation refers to the animus for behavior and includes the affective aspects of attitudes, desires, ends, aims, goals, objectives, desired end states, and the like.