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animosity / враждебность, вражда, злоба
имя существительное
hostility, animosity, enmity, animus, ill will, spite
enmity, feud, animosity, antagonism, opposition
malice, spite, rancor, venom, malevolence, animosity
имя существительное
strong hostility.
he no longer felt any animosity toward her
This caused a great deal of animosity between my friend and I, and I have not seen him since, unfortunately.
the animosity between the king and his brother
He insists he has no animosity towards ordinary Catholic people or nationalists.
Wilful misinterpretation of the law has bred animosity and resentment towards disabled people.
They had faced no animosity before, except the protest a day earlier.
The visit heralds the restoration of diplomatic ties after decades of political animosity .
They still saw each other occasionally and the relationship came to an end without much anger or animosity .
To feel animosity for the country as he defines it would indeed be an indication of envy and resentment.
There is strong animosity between the two groups and each has its own culture and traditions.
Yet in spite of this long animosity , Confucianism and Buddhism unite in refusing to take positive law very seriously.