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anime / аниме, японская анимация
имя существительное
японская анимация
имя существительное
a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.
The third disc of this set contains a mediocre anime film with great animation and music.
The transfer has none of the jagged lines or motion that appears in some anime , though.
Talk to us in a year and maybe we'll be complaining about the formulaic narrative in Japanese anime .
Evil people are really easy to predict after watching all of those magical girl anime .
I admit I am a purist when it comes to my anime and I like it in its original Japanese with subs.
In writing about anime , Carey works way too hard to give it high-culture credibility.
As enjoyable and weird as it is, anime can still become routine if you aren't careful.
OK, so many anime shows now exploit the access to cheap and rich CGI effects.
She nodded and decided that her next drawing would be of him, done in anime style this time.
So much of the comedy in anime is tainted by overt fan service and wildly imaginative events.
Lupin has been a favorite of anime fans for three decades, and it's not difficult to see why.