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animalism / анимализм, чувственность
имя существительное
sensuality, sensuousness, carnality, sexiness, eroticism, animalism
имя существительное
behavior that is characteristic of or appropriate to animals, particularly in being physical and instinctive.
He had never seen such a display of unadulterated animalism before, and could only wonder what her mother must've been like.
You lust for me with a fierce animalism but you're also bewitched by my mind and my soul.
‘This insanity of his can be excused,’ she said with a glint of animalism in her eyes.
It is difficult to categorize the religion of the tribal people. It is a mixture of many influences including animalism , nature-worship, shamanism, and ancestor worship.
The example given is that of the obligation to become a subject, to place oneself above the basic human animalism .
Among objects which played the most important role in the Proto-Indo-European beliefs we should emphasize sacred animals. It is scientifically proved that animalism was one of the earliest stages of the religious development of mankind.
The Pagan religion was a mixture of genealogy, politics, and education based largely on ancestor worship. It was not the "idolatry" and " animalism " that Biblical religion has made it out to be.
Their religion, which exhibits features of animism, animalism , anthropomorphism, nature-worship, fetishism, ancestor-worship is under the control, guidance and supervision of the village.
The only possibly offensive content to Christians here is the religion of animalism and the presence of magic.
The exhibit looks at animalism and concepts of femininity, sexual fetishes, seduction, excess, coquetry and class standing.
I would surmise that the original religion was animalism , leading to the worship of Nature, the Sun and the Moon.