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angora / ангора, ангорская кошка, ангорская коза
имя существительное
ангорская кошка
angora cat, angora
ангорская коза
angora goat, angora
ткань из шерсти ангорской козы
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a cat, goat, or rabbit of a long-haired breed.
angora rabbits
Herds of angora goats cluster on the banks, while in the shallows summer crowds of villagers cool themselves, scrub their cars or sit at fruit-filled tables ankle-deep in the water.
What do Persian kittens, angora sweaters and the romantic comedy Just Married have in common?
Another of the Travis felines, a white angora , won its way into the family hearth by adopting Glanville's boat.
The angora cross goats, two girls and a boy, caused something of a surprise when they arrived earlier this month, two months ahead of the normal schedule.
Mohair, angora , wool, cashmere, camel, alpaca, etc. are all your allies against the wind and cold.
I do not have experience dyeing wool, cashmere, angora , or other similar hair fibers, so I cannot speak directly.
Sichel does look young and he's as lean as one of his angora rabbits.
Even though she was chubby, her shoulder-length curly hair framed an attractive, well-made-up face, and she wore her red stirrup pants and red-and-black angora sweater with panache.
From the toy bears on wheels, they expanded to the production of stuffed toy animals for which they utilized mohair plush, a new fabric woven from the wool of angora goats.
Fabrics that are derived from animal hair (including angora , cashmere and basic wool blends) are most susceptible to insect damage.