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angling / ужение
имя существительное
имя существительное
the sport or pastime of fishing with a rod and line.
an angling club
direct or incline at an angle.
Anna angled her camera toward the tree
fish with rod and line.
there are no big fish left to angle for
One of the great things about this wonderful sport of angling are the friendships made at the waterside.
A prohibition in a designated area would, he believed, present a huge opportunity for Tramore to develop angling and fishing from small boats.
The society have many miles of excellent grayling, brown, sea trout and salmon angling in various parts of the country.
an angling club
Most clubs just have not got the resources to teach angling but can help improvers.
For Patrick Arnold's fully detailed angling column see the sports section of the Westmorland Gazette.
This for me is the ultimate in angling and something I could do for the rest of my life, if I was a millionaire.
an angling licence
A day's angling on this water can offer so many challenges with different styles of angling .
Rooikrantz will go down in angling history as the one place where tuna were caught on a regular basis from the shore.