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angler / рыболов, морской черт
имя существительное
angler, fisherman, fisher, sportsman
морской черт
Each fish killed is one less to be caught by another angler and one less fish to spawn.
I went for another half an hour before hooking my third rainbow making me the only angler to land three fish.
I won't go into great detail about the man except to mention that he is a carp angler .
a carp angler
The angler can fish the planer, and the following bait, as far out from the bank as he wishes.
a carp angler
When the lure is taken the angler must grab the rod and strike the fish half a dozen times to fully make sure the hook is set.
They do catch some good fish but so do anglers float fishing in close with big baits.
The fishing was certainly tough but several lucky anglers did connect with good fish.
We were the last group of anglers to fish Colin Lake before it closed down for the winter months.