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angina / ангина, грудная жаба
имя существительное
angina, tonsillitis
грудная жаба
angina, unstable angina
имя существительное
a condition marked by severe pain in the chest, often also spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck, caused by an inadequate blood supply to the heart.
Signs of heart disease include having had a previous heart attack, angina pectoris (chest pain when you walk or run), or procedures to prevent a heart attack (like coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty).
any of a number of disorders in which there is an intense localized pain.
Ludwig's angina
The more severe blockage is more likely to cause angina or chest pain.
This can result in angina (chest pain) or, if the vessel is blocked completely, a heart attack.
Ludwig's angina
Mr Fitchen said he began to suffer serious health problems five years on and now suffers from asthma, angina , heart disease and bronchitis.
An imbalanced heart or circulatory system can be due to poor circulation, low or high blood pressure, angina and heart attacks and hardened arteries.
he had high blood pressure and he suffered from angina
You seem to be suffering from severe angina with rapid progression.
The study found those given early surgery had a significantly reduced risk of death, heart attack and severe angina after four months.
Ludwig's angina
Symptoms such as angina (chest pain) or palpitations can be caused by problems with the heart.