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angelic / ангельский
имя прилагательное
angelic, angelical, seraphic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to angels.
the angelic hosts
Boo has been far from angelic recently and the thought of taking him to a crowded football stadium was just too much.
There're also depictions of what can only be described as angelic figures.
Of two works by David Parsons, Shining Star is a be-happy piece for dancers in angelic white, against tricksy banks of lights.
He is accompanied by his very pretty soft-spoken wife and their two angelic daughters.
This tale that I tell is dedicated to him, the angelic owner of my immortal soul.
I have now finished the first complete draft of my novella (cue angelic trumpets, hallelujahs etc).
He looks such an angelic lad but he's really uncontrollable and takes great pleasure in anti-social behaviour.
Until we're serenaded by the angelic chorus, Krauss is as close to a heavenly voice as it gets.
Musically, angelic guidance has rearranged priorities and sharpened his ear.
Choirgirls, it seems, really are every bit as angelic as choirboys.