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anesthetist / анестезиолог, анестезист, наркотизатор
имя существительное
anesthetist, anaesthetist
anesthetist, anaesthetist
anesthetist, anaesthetist
имя существительное
a medical specialist who administers anesthetics.
Advanced practice nurses include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists for psychology and mental health, certified registered nurse anesthetists , and certified nurse midwives.
There are many risks involved to the consumer and the nurse anesthetist in hospitals or physician practices wherein the nurse anesthetist carries malpractice insurance only as provided by the agency or practice.
In addition, there would be an anesthesiologist and a nurse anesthetist there.
Surgeons of all specialties, and especially anaesthetists , should be aware that undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea is common
The medical personnel were nurses, doctors, anaesthetists , surgeons and critical-care specialists from across Australia.
There was also a shortage of skilled professional staff such as anaesthetists , dentists, occupational therapists and specialist doctors.
The recommendations were carefully worked out with consultations of the royal colleges of anaesthetists , general practitioners, and psychiatrists.
The learner audience would include surgeons, nurse anesthetists , anesthesiologists, perioperative nurses, technicians, and RN first assistants.
So if we have medical anaesthetists and nurse anaesthetists , how do those scopes interrelate?
Frequently on a 24-hour basis, one medical officer and two nurse anesthetists managed four patients undergoing emergent surgery for abdominal, chest, and extremity wounds in the OR.
The operation used two theatres, involving four surgeons, four anaesthetists , one anaesthetic nurse, one operating department assistant and six other theatre nurses.