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anesthetic / обезболивающий, анестезирующий
имя прилагательное
anesthetic, anesthetizing, anaesthetic
anesthetic, anaesthetic
имя существительное
анестезирующее средство
anesthetic, anaesthetic
обезболивающее средство
anesthetic, anaesthetic
имя прилагательное
inducing or relating to insensitivity to pain.
We investigated mortality in a population of trauma patients who were intubated before reaching hospital without anaesthetic drugs being used.
имя существительное
a substance that induces insensitivity to pain.
Supplements that have the potential to cause major complications in perioperative patients are those that prolong bleeding and those that increase sedative effects of anesthetics and analgesics.
the study or practice of anesthesia.
Those who work in paediatrics, anaesthetics and surgery work an average of 84 or 85 hours.
One area of concern is the interaction of herbal products with anesthetic agents.
The epidural anesthetic blocked pain messages and appeared to also prevent remodeling of pain neurons.
Appropriate position can be checked by aspirating through the needle used for instilling the local anesthetic .
Doctors treated Jeanne with a combination of anesthetic and antiviral drugs to protect her brain and nervous system from the effects of the disease.
However, in contrast, patients were more likely to receive sedatives and local anesthetic agents if they had no pain before the procedure.
The risks associated with chronic exposure to volatile anesthetic gases have not been established.
Typically, there is no problem with the dentist, but do your best to avoid systemic anesthetic gas.
In a previous study we have shown that local anesthesia can be used as the standard anesthetic for outpatient knee arthroscopy.
Freezing of the needle in its sterile package reduces the pain of anesthetic injection.
For a nerve block, a doctor injects a local anesthetic - a medication that blocks nerve signals - around a nerve.