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anemone / анемон, ветреница
имя существительное
anemone, wind flower
anemone, fizgig
имя существительное
a plant of the buttercup family, typically bearing brightly colored flowers. Anemones are widely distributed in the wild, and several kinds are popular garden plants.
Plant smaller bulbs such as crocus, anemones and ranunculus.
From early March when the forsythia first bursts into bloom, to around mid-October when the last anemone dies back, my garden is a constantly changing flower display.
Venus made Adonis an anemone when a boar killed him.
The clown fish keeps the host's habitat clean and leaves scraps of food for the anemone .
Ever since that day, every year in springtime the anemone , or wind flower, as it is known, rises from the ground.
The anemone fish shelters within the waving fronds of the anemone host, enticing other small fishes into the anemone 's trap.
As I sat in the garden one warm June morning, a painted lady butterfly flew down to alight on a white anemone .
The top of Shark Point is covered in anemones and I have seen only sharks at Anemone Reef!
I saw, full out, an astonishing number of primroses, acres of anemones , violets and wild strawberry.
As a native Californian, she was particularly drawn to plants that define Southern California gardening, such as agaves, bush anemones , cycads, and New Zealand flax.
In July I found mountain anemones , blue and gold asters, rhododendrons and blue gentians.