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anemometer / анемометр, ветромер
имя существительное
anemometer, wind gauge, wind gage
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring the speed of the wind, or of any current of gas.
At $100, you can add a rain gauge, or an anemometer to measure wind speed and calculate the wind chill.
The Sherpa has everything the Vector has (including the timekeeper), but also an anemometer that measures wind speed and wind chill in mph, knots, beaufort, km/h, and m/s.
We've not included an anemometer and wind vane in the parts list, but you can make a wind vane and an anemometer using the ideas from The Franklin Institute.
The anemometer fitted to the roof of the clubhouse, which warns members of the conditions they face as they venture to the first tee, was not in operation during the refurbishment.
Wind direction and speed at low altitude were recorded from an anemometer (29 m above sea level) on board the ship, while winds at higher altitudes were measured by radar tracking of helium-filled balloons.
Each robot also will be equipped with an anemometer to determine wind direction and velocity.
He also explained the crane did not have an anemometer - used to measure wind speed - and a special safety plug was missing from equipment, something he said was a regular occurrence.
The same computer also takes constant note of the current wind speed, from an anemometer mounted next to the wind vane.
These sensors include an anemometer , which records the speed of the wind in knots every five minutes and a wind vane which records the average wind direction.
For the purposes of taking your own readings, any weather vane and anemometer must be housed at least 10’ high and away from the influence of any fences or buildings.
At $100, you can add a rain gauge, or an anemometer to measure wind speed and calculate the wind chill.