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anecdote / анекдот, история, рассказ
имя существительное
joke, anecdote, funny, good story, thing
history, story, anecdote, business, biz
story, narrative, tale, narration, recital, anecdote
episode, scene, incident, sequence, passage, anecdote
короткий рассказ
short story, anecdote, storiette
имя существительное
a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.
told anecdotes about his job
Bennett's memoir is full of crucial technical insights into Broadway and Hollywood practice, but by way of instructive anecdote rather than structured discussion.
There was no attempt to relate this experience to the architecture of the seven in any systematic way and Muthesius has to fall back on anecdote - to which I can add my penn'orth.
I think this anecdote provides a good example of the limitations confronting a contemporary labour historian who is trying to provide the most honest, accurate account possible.
Burns's handmade tableaux - in style and use of narrative anecdote - are similar to the work of fellow Houstonian, Bill Davenport.
his wife's death has long been the subject of rumor and anecdote
The playwright had to approach the struggle to subdue the tangle of confusing anecdote knowing what lesson he wanted it to teach and prepared to discard, distort, and invent in order to present his own version of the meaning of history.
Hearsay, anecdote and tall tales says that it is possible, that this is just words until it happens to you.
I've made enough speeches to know that you're supposed to connect with the audience by telling a joke or a humorous anecdote or some amusing tale.
Relying on argument or anecdote for their appeal, these books included only a handful of indifferently reproduced black-and-white plates.
The story was based on an anecdote - a true incident that I had heard from Professor B. Buchshtab.