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android / человекоподобный робот
имя существительное
человекоподобный робот
имя существительное
(in science fiction) a robot with a human appearance.
The science fiction fascination with robots and androids is the culmination of this perception of machines as being almost like one of us.
an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers.
I have an Android phone and I like it a lot
At times, she had even put herself in serious jeopardy just to stop a android criminal.
Meet the robot lobster and the android that not only smiles, frowns and blinks but also recognizes people and talks back.
there were no android security guards to stop him
At about a mile from the house I stopped, knowing the android would be close behind.
The twist is that he is an android , living in a society in which the population is strictly controlled.
Most science-fiction writers have kept the distinction between android and robot fairly clear.
Kinski is about to bring to life a female android as a replacement for Max when he picks up three criminals on the run and the plot kicks off.
The android stalked over on stubby legs and stopped next to Glenn's chair.
Smith plays Detective Del Spooner, who goes on the trail of an android suspected of murder.
One such story sees a man fall in love with an android who cannot love him back.