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anciently / в древние времена
в древние времена
long ago.
the area was anciently called Dalriada
This whole perversion of national ethos which took eons to build and which manifested itself in our diurnal living as a vibrant social praxis, anciently descended, has been the ‘success story’ of the Hindu Taliban.
Only 17 human bones have ever been found, those of a young woman, perhaps an anciently abandoned victim of the tar.
the area was anciently called Dalriada
In the stomp dance, as in all facets of traditional Cherokee life, women and men follow anciently prescribed roles that complement each other and make it possible for Cherokees to live balanced lives.
the area was anciently called Dalriada
In anciently inhabited countries, the dust of ages seems to settle upon and smother the intellects and energies of man.
This shows that England anciently had strong intermediate institutions standing between the individual and the higher levels of government - the remote roots of what we have come to know as ‘civil society’.
Nowadays we do it on a bible, anciently we did it by the sceptre of Jupiter.
So we went over the mountain to visit historic Sanzen-in, the anciently renowned and moss-gardened temple in Ohara, just outside Kyoto.
Within rapidly changing lineages, the signal may be best at lower levels, with anciently shared arrangements being eroded.