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ancient / древний, старинный, старый
имя прилагательное
ancient, pristine, antique, early, venerable, crusted
old, ancient, antique, oldest, older, elder
old, eldest, ancient, aged, elder, auld
имя существительное
elder, ancient
elder, patriarch, elder statesman, ancient, presbyter
имя прилагательное
belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence.
the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean
имя существительное
an old person.
a solitary ancient in a tweed jacket
a standard, flag, or ensign.
The ancient was a banner bearing an heraldic device, the token of ancient or noble descent, borne by a gentleman or a leader in a war.
Spirit landed in the middle of Gusev Crater, a 95-mile-wide depression scientists believe contained a lake during the ancient past.
Despite all of the above I am proud to belong to this ancient land.
Her normally perfectly coifed black hair hung in long tangles, and she wore an ancient gown torn into shreds.
His room is narrow, high-roofed, and cold, his mattress worn, his blankets ancient , but he does not care.
Simply put, the tactic has been to make the Clayoquot issue too hard to follow, and in the confusion evade having to fundamentally change the practice of logging in ancient forests.
Past ancient treasures that stretched away into the distance in adjoining rooms.
An ancient sign warns of the danger of walking on the luscious looking sod on the edge of the cliffs.
Yan performed at Yifu Theatre this Sunday, acting as an ancient official, wearing a long beard.
I suggest to Ferdinand that he was already well on the way and now felt open to learning much more about his ancient and early past and that he was prepared to go on searching this with me.
He has been collecting ancient coins for the past 30 years and has about 2,500 coins dating back to various civilizations.