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anchorage / закрепление, якорная стоянка, опора
имя существительное
fixing, fixation, anchorage, holding
якорная стоянка
anchorage, berth
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, anchorage
имя существительное
an area that is suitable for a ship to anchor in.
NATO navies need to ensure they can deploy safely from home ports, on passage to operating areas, and can gain access to ports, harbours, anchorages or even beaches.
an anchorite's dwelling place.
Anchorites and anchoresses lived the religious life in the solitude of an ‘ anchorage ’, usually a small hut or ‘cell’ built against a church.
имя существительное
a seaport in southern Alaska, on an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, the state's largest city; population 279,243 (est. 2008).
Anthony Tohill had an outstanding game against Cavan, free running, forward momentum and sparkling impact while Fergal Doherty provided excellent anchorage .
You don't even have to be a sophisticated analyst to see what they are doing with the visual rhetoric and verbal anchorage .
Many of the shipwrecks in Palau waters were later salvaged, with the exception of three to four shipwrecks in the anchorage areas.
Studies have shown that reinforcing rods driven into the ground do not provide sufficient anchorage .
The church has an anchorage or cell where a succession of anchorites (hermits) lived from 1383 until the reign of Henry VIII.
They provided an added advantage to Lynn as a site attracting trade, since the fleets offered a sheltered anchorage for ships carrying visiting merchants.
Where drainage is not adequate rooting development is restricted leading to poor tree growth and insufficient anchorage .
This transfer of experiences from one individual to another through the medium of visual art establishes critical anchorage in which the creator and the receiver seem to play a manifest role.
the plant needs firm anchorage
Inside, the luggage area has six anchorage points for securing smaller items of luggage to stop them sliding around during travel.