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anchor / якорь, анкер, якорь спасения
имя существительное
anchor, armature
anchor, anker
якорь спасения
anchor, sheet anchor, anchorage
имя прилагательное
бросать якорь
anchor, cast anchor, come to an anchor
fasten, fix, anchor, consolidate, secure, clip
стать на якорь
anchor, moor, come to an anchor, harbor, harbour
имя существительное
a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom, typically one having a metal shank with a ring at one end for the rope and a pair of curved and/or barbed flukes at the other.
They rigged two mooring legs on the ship's fantail, consisting of anchors , chain and heavy cable attached to two buoys.
an anchorman or anchorwoman, especially in broadcasting or athletics.
he signed off after nineteen years as CBS news anchor
moor (a ship) to the sea bottom with an anchor.
the ship was anchored in the lee of the island
act as an anchor for (a television program or sporting event).
she anchored a television documentary series in the early 1980s
the European Community is the economic anchor of the New Europe
The total effect was surprisingly focused and intimate, with Gabriel's confessional singing style providing an emotional anchor for the ever-shifting visuals.
Dunnes Stores will operate a supermarket and department store at the Scotch Hall complex, which will have 60 other shops and two further anchor tenants.
Dowsett is a television news reporter / anchor for KTVL, the CBS station in Medford, Oregon.
There's a cavern over there on that island, along with a spot to anchor the ship.
Shortly after receiving her bachelor's degree in 1979, Chandler worked as a television news anchor , reporter, and talk show host.
‘We are delighted to sign up Wilkinson as our anchor tenant for this prestigious development for Bradford,’ he said.
The lifeboat crew helped to anchor the vessel so it would withstand the battering of the waves until it was ready to be refloated, and transferred the passengers and crew to safety.
Afghanistan's ancient roots and strong ties of kinship provide an anchor against progress, but also the means to cope when central authority has collapsed.
The 65,000 sq ft Harvey Nichols store is the anchor tenant for the new fashion street The Walk, off Saint Andrew Square, which will have a total of 27 outlets.