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ancestry / происхождение, родословная, предки
имя существительное
origin, descent, birth, genesis, background, ancestry
pedigree, genealogy, ancestry, lineage, bloodline, line
имя существительное
one's family or ethnic descent.
his Viking ancestry
the origin or background of something.
the book traces the ancestry of women's poetry
he was proud of his Irish ancestry
Evolution deals with the common ancestry of life on earth.
the ancestry of the rose is extremely complicated
When a coalescence event occurs, two lines of ancestry are picked, uniformly at random, and are coalesced to form one resulting line.
Ann was a descendant of a family that could trace its ancestry back to the Norman Conquest.
Presumably because of their Jewish ancestry , the family fled to England in 1939.
Many of these families traced their ancestry to the earliest English settlers of this country's oldest fishing port.
the book traces the ancestry of women's poetry
So she has been following up her family ancestry .
Once they're gone, information about your ancestry along with interesting family lore is also gone forever unless the knowledge has been passed on to the next generation.