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anatomist / анатом, аналитик, критик
имя существительное
analyst, anatomist
critic, anatomist, animadverter
имя существительное
an expert in anatomy; a dissector.
It was, after all, the Italian anatomists and other anatomists working in Italy that originally taught us anatomy.
Stressing what the naked eye could see helped him lay the foundations of pathological anatomy, following the initiatives of the preeminent anatomist , Giovanni Morgagni.
The first anatomical description of these variations was by the Dutch anatomist Anton Albinus in 1753.
This volume, a specialized collection of essays on the impact of Marcello Malpighi, the seventeenth-century anatomist and physician, grew out of a conference held at Cambridge in 1994.
It seems that there is no contradiction: the anatomist is interested in the direction of the muscle's pull (down and out, and some torsion).
The following famous anatomists identified and described pancreatic anatomy and physiology.
Anatomy brought life and liberty to the art of healing, and for three centuries the great names in medicine were those of the great anatomists .
It doesn't have a name, which is a strange thing for an anatomical feature because anatomists have named every feature of the body.
In this series, the surgeons, barbers, physicians, and artists of the past come alive in fascinating, if at times rather gory, scenes of the barbarities and other activities of anatomists seeking to further their knowledge.
Despite deliberately straddling the boundaries of taste and decency, the exhibition claims honourable descent from the traditions of public dissection and illustration by da Vinci, Vesalius, and the great anatomists .
This was a remarkable claim since Andreas Vesalius and modern anatomists had drawn human skeletons from observation and dissection since the sixteenth century.