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anathematize / предавать анафеме, проклинать
предавать анафеме
anathematize, accurse
curse, damn, execrate, anathematize, accurse, blast
curse; condemn.
she anathematized Tom as the despoiler of a helpless widow
Thus we feud in our families, anathematize fellow Christians and demonize the stranger.
And funniest of all, Bill anathematizes the double standards of his critics!
Now you might say that's a very small step, but 100 years ago, denominations were very happy to anathematise each other at the drop of a hat, so to speak.
Trent, like other councils, anathematized various things and basically said, ‘If you think this, you are not in the Church’.
But Catholic missionaries, by omitting one or more persons of the Trinity when they were baptised, were anathematised by the Roman church.
The Bourbon monarchies of Parma and Naples were swept by hysteria, and the Pope anathematized reform as a threat to faith itself.
And, of course, non-liberal commentators have filled libraries anathematizing Roe for having launched a social revolution on the back of one of the flimsiest, most willful constitutional inventions in American history.
For the first time a Council spoke about the role of the Church in the world and urged all Catholics to discuss, not anathematise developments around them; and urged them to engage with the world rather than to retire into a ghetto.
The Reformation tended to reinforce the centrality of the family, and thus woman's subservient role as wife and mother - thereby outlawing and anathematising any female role perceived as non-familial or anti-familial.
Although Cockburn has impeccable environmentalist credentials - he's eager to save the redwoods - he was anathematized as ‘seriously warped ‘for holding such heretical notions.’