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anastomose / анастомозировать
be linked by anastomosis.
adjacent veins may anastomose
At age 4, a left systemic-to-pulmonary fistula was performed, using a tubular prosthesis to anastomose the left subclavian artery to the left pulmonary artery.
adjacent veins may anastomose
these anastomose with branches of the carotid artery
adjacent veins may anastomose
The distal antrum and the second portion of the duodenum were then anastomosed in a Billroth I - type gastroduodenostomy.
The algal structure is a tightly packed series of anastomosing , rounded, irregular ridges rising from a thin layer.
The duplicated colon, which emptied into the vagina, was anastomosed to the normal colon at the level of the sigmoid colon.
The most prominent fault types consist of anastomosing fault strands.
To ensure flow of oxygenated blood to the systemic circulation by anastomosing the pulmonary artery to the hypoplastic ascending aorta.