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analyst / аналитик, обозреватель, психоаналитик
имя существительное
analyst, anatomist
reviewer, columnist, observer, analyst
psychoanalyst, analyst
The tool the analyst needs is her psychoanalytically trained selfhood to access the selfhood of the other.
They then feel that when they interpret out of a greater receptivity to this, there is more conviction for the analyst and for the analysand.
Hong Kong Disneyland is also recruiting for a business systems analyst, a tax analyst and a duty engineer for the Disneyland hotel.
John L. Keane is an environmental analyst for a large public power and water system in the Phoenix area.
Not only does one have to be concerned about individual analytic tools, but one also has to factor in the psychology of the individual analyst .
A Radicati analyst posted responses to the criticisms under a pseudonym.
Since the analysand comes to the analyst because of pain, the role of the psychoanalyst in my book is naturally the relief of that pain.
The implicit view in recent comments by analysts is that industry will remain under severe pressure as global competition hots up.
The first time many Pembrokeshire farmers knew a pipeline might be crossing their land was when surveyors and analysts turned up unannounced.
You are amongst the most experienced and talented political observers and analysts as well as governor.