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analogue / аналог, моделирующая система, моделирующее устройство
имя существительное
analogue, analog
моделирующая система
analogue, analog
моделирующее устройство
simulator, simulation, analog, analogue
имя прилагательное
relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position or voltage.
Modulation involves raising or lowering the frequency of the carrier wave in proportion to the analogue signal.
No buttons should be used under water and the crown of an analogue watch should not be pulled out when the watch is wet.
For example, analogue computers represent physical quantities using ‘continuously varying’ voltages.
This was the famous Philips 1500 model, made in Austria, with the piano key controls, analogue clock and top loading.
The theater photographs can be read as an analogue for both the interior of a still camera and the womb.
The issue is that at present there is little or no way to stop people copying music into a digital format from an earlier analogue version of it.
This could throw out plans by the Federal Communication Committee to switch off the analogue signal some time around 2006.
What was the point of having a super-expensive analogue watch that was accurate to within half a second every twenty years, if that half a second was probably wrong?
This produces the aldehyde analogue , methanal (acetaldehyde).
The old electric analogue clock stopped at the moment it hit the floor, reading 8: 57 am.