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anaemic / анемичный, анемический, малокровный
имя прилагательное
anemic, exsanguine, anaemic
anemic, anaemic
anemic, anaemic
имя прилагательное
suffering from anemia.
Does a blood transfusion in anemic patients with acute coronary syndrome improve survival?
Although in utero transfusions remain the treatment of choice for anaemic fetuses affected by red cell alloimmunisation, methods for monitoring the at risk fetus have evolved.
But also the actual process of donating autologous blood makes you anaemic and makes you more likely to need a transfusion during your surgery.
It has worked for a colourless anaemic religion to which men pay lip homage.
He said examples where it might be better to avoid a transfusion, as a precaution, included patients who were slightly anaemic following hospital treatment.
It is anaemic , lacking in vision, and a generally debate-free zone.
The gentle light at this time of year allows pastel shades room to perform without appearing washed out and anaemic .
Setup is joyously simple, and DVD performance is good, if not spectacular, but the sound is anaemic , lacking sufficient detail for music and serious clout for movies.
Our results highlight that in African communities in which malaria is endemic there are severely anaemic children who are not detected by the current healthcare system and who seem to be at considerable risk of poor development.
You know… that's what religion has become, a feeble and anaemic nonsense.
Their anaemic performance over the last 18 months has come as a surprise even to us.