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anaconda / анаконда, удав
имя существительное
boa, constrictor, anaconda
имя существительное
a semiaquatic snake of the boa family that may grow to a great size, native to tropical South America.
This reptile family includes such notable snakes as anacondas , pythons, and boa constrictors, all big animals notorious for their ability to tackle prey even larger than themselves.
You got the python, Larry, the anaconda and the boa constrictor.
Even a fearsome spectacled caiman is unable to escape an anaconda 's fatal embrace.
While accessible to surrounding tribes, the area remains largely untouched because of the belief that a giant anaconda guards its shores.
You know the python from Africa and Asia, the anaconda from South America.
Watch as a female anaconda in Venezuela hunts down a capybara - the world's largest rodent - and swallows her meal whole.
While other snakes can grow longer, they cannot match the anaconda 's length and bulk.
The skin of an anaconda stretches across most of the ceiling.
The bite of a very large nonpoisonous snake, like a twenty-foot anaconda or python, may be considered dangerous.
I observe three committed young men strangling their instruments as if wrestling with man-eating anacondas .
I knew, of course, that seasnakes could swim and anacondas lurked the backwaters of the Amazon, but I was unprepared for how fast tiny green snakes could get from a riverbank to us.