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amusing / забавный, смешной, занятный
имя прилагательное
funny, amusing, entertaining, humorous, droll, comical
funny, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, laughable, amusing
amusing, interesting
имя прилагательное
causing laughter or providing entertainment.
such a likable, amusing man!
cause (someone) to find something funny; entertain.
he made faces to amuse her
provide interesting and enjoyable occupation for (someone).
the hotel has planned many activities to amuse its guests
If you're really interested in this as more than just an amusing news item, check the post out.
Mary hid her laughter; she knew of the amusing masquerade that the two were carrying on.
The concluding item was an amusing sketch which took everyone by surprise as the finish was wholly unexpected.
The speeches can sometimes be awful but his was very amusing .
Jared finds this amusing , so I hang up on him as the laughter peals through the phone line.
It seems that guys brag about it all the time, which I find to be quite amusing .
So the amusing photo that doesn't look anything like me is up instead.
The film is essentially about two women's desire to conceive and the amusing situations that result from this.
It is in appalling taste and naturally I therefore found it very amusing .
The barefoot bass player was most entertaining as he hammed it up with his amusing stage antics.