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amuse / развлекать, забавлять, тешить
entertain, amuse, distract, recreate, divert, beguile
amuse, divert
amuse, soothe, salve
cause (someone) to find something funny; entertain.
he made faces to amuse her
provide interesting and enjoyable occupation for (someone).
the hotel has planned many activities to amuse its guests
If you can tear yourself away from the hotel and the beach, you will find plenty of other activities to amuse you.
He is very easy to cook for, he always amuses me with his quirky sense of humour and I enjoy being in his company and miss him awfully whenever he is working a different shift then I am.
If wackiness amuses you, this is a ‘Don't miss’.
There I stayed in the union bar for a few hours amusing myself with a few friends playing table football.
I'm glad you like it, the name thing amuses me every time as well.
Incidentally, one of the responses I've been getting to the book's that a lot of people think it's very funny, and some people see it as a series of antic actions and antic behavior that really amuses some people and makes them laugh.
We amused ourselves by throwing stones at these protrusions as we meandered along the path.
Unless something amuses me or I happen to be blissfully happy, I'm not usually smiling.
I wake up, then the dog wakes up and hops up into the bed, and then Adam wakes up and I lean over and whisper ‘Honey, it's time,’ just because it amuses me, even though I know this may someday come back to haunt me.
Alex just shook her head, regarding them amusedly .