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amputee / человек с ампутированной конечностью
person with disabilities
имя существительное
a person who has had a limb amputated.
In the past few years he has turned his attention to achieving similar results for upper and lower limb amputees and has generated similar controversy.
At this time of year, I get a sensation comparable to that experienced by an amputee who remains attached to a long-departed limb.
He believes the technique could be developed within a decade to restore movement to a tetraplegic's hand or feeling to a prosthetic leg used by an amputee .
When amputation is necessary, rehabilitation of the amputee is an important adjunct to management.
He blackmails a doctor to perform a drastic surgery, leaving him a true amputee .
I know all too well how vital a well-made and comfortable artificial limb is to an amputee .
Thus the functional disadvantage is less for child amputees .
It is this concrete fact, this reality, which gives the parachuting artificial limbs, the madly scurrying amputees , its terrifying metaphoric power.
In tests, four amputees were able to program their artificial arms with sets of muscle signals for executing complex feats such as opening the door of a microwave oven.
For example, your pain could be similar to the phantom pain some amputees feel in their amputated limbs.
One third of amputees lose the opposite foot in 5 years.