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ampoule / ампула
имя существительное
ampoule, ampule
имя существительное
a sealed glass capsule containing a liquid, especially a measured quantity ready for injecting.
an ampoule of epinephrine
The cost for an ampoule at a private pharmacy is about £30.
an ampoule of epinephrine
an ampoule of adrenaline
Because the pharmacy had no pethidine, the general practitioner obtained an ampoule of diamorphine containing 100 mg and administered the whole dose intramuscularly.
Imagine looking desperately for adrenaline while treating a patient with a cardiac arrest, finding an ampoule labelled ephedrine, and mistaking it for epinephrine.
From 1997 the absolute number of prescriptions as ampoules fell annually.
Shelf-life surveillance of the ampules and vials is ongoing.
Working in a busy plastic surgery unit, we have noticed that a variety of water, saline, and lignocaine ampoules all look virtually identical in terms of bottle design and labelling.
If the surface treatment is going to be applied to glass in applications such as slides, petri dishes, or sampling ampules , transparency gives users a maximum visual of what is being studied.
Glass ampoules and syringes were used to administer emergency medications (eg, epinephrine, hydrocortisone) before Mr L's procedure began.