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amplifier / усилитель, линза
имя существительное
amplifier, enhancer, booster, magnifier
lens, amplifier, eyeglass
имя существительное
an electronic device for increasing the amplitude of electrical signals, used chiefly in sound reproduction.
This makes it suitable for audio applications, including audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, home entertainment system, mixing desks and audio recording equipment.
I've got a good sound and I usually have an amplifier and microphone.
Sometimes the surround sound processor and the amplifier are combined into a surround sound receiver, to save you a little bit of money.
Ty plugged his electric guitar into the amplifier on the stage.
The aim of the invention is to process higher maximum levels of the source signal and to suppress noises of the second amplifier .
The auxiliary amplifier is provided within the circuit to increase the gain of the cascode amplifier and has an associated output.
The differential amplifier further includes a lateral bipolar transistor.
He liked the way the amplifier and the turntable and the speakers were all separate, and the archaic brittleness of the grey cables that connected them all.
They walk down in the rain to get close enough to hear me sing without the amplifier .
I mean, I only have to look at an amplifier or an effects pedal and it blows up.
An amplifier and a sampler convert the storage medium signal into a timed sample sequence.