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amphitheatre / амфитеатр
имя существительное
amphitheater, cirque, circus, parterre, amphitheatre
имя существительное
(especially in Greek and Roman architecture) a round or oval building, typically unroofed, with a central space for the presentation of dramatic or sporting events. Tiers of seats for spectators surround the central space.
The Colosseum was the greatest building in Ancient Rome but much smaller amphitheatres were built in Roman Britain and gladiatorial fights may have occurred in these.
There is an auditorium on the inside and the amphitheatre is at a right angle outside.
The elliptical amphitheatre could have seated between 4,500 and 9,000 spectators.
The answer is, take him from the lecture-room, take him from the amphitheatre - put him in the out-patient department - put him in the wards.
Most of his productions evolve out of workshops he conducts, and are performed first in his amphitheatre for a select audience.
The money will go towards the school's planned amphitheatre and other drama activities.
Vomitoria - the term for entrances leading to the tiers of seats in a Roman amphitheatre - stand on either side of the stage.
Pompeii was a walled town with an amphitheatre , forum, basilica, several public baths, two theatres, and at least nine temples.
Its Roman amphitheatre seats 5,000 for concerts and the annual film festival.
A life-size bronze arm of a Roman statue has been excavated from a rubbish-filled ditch or watercourse in the City of London, just south of the Roman amphitheatre .
The main volume is based on a Greek amphitheatre with steeply raked seating that offers good sight and sound lines.