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amphibious / десантный, земноводный, плавающий
имя прилагательное
landing, amphibious
amphibious, amphibian, terraqueous
floating, float, swimming, amphibious, natatorial, natatory
имя прилагательное
relating to, living in, or suited for both land and water.
amphibious habitats
Seventh, where feasible, amphibious forces should land where the enemy is not present, prepared, and in strength.
The fast fleet tankers are able to operate in support of amphibious forces, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare operations and protection of vital sea areas and shipping.
To compliment our boat descriptions we highlighted the language of boatmanship, and celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the Navy's amphibious force.
During World War II, they found themselves attaching a large number of specialized navy and marine support units to the combat divisions sent ashore in amphibious operations.
I was horrified, and mourned the loss of its tiny webbed feet, but perhaps she just hastened its departure from a world no longer habitable for amphibious life forms.
It's a lightweight amphibious vehicle that can go just about anywhere.
In terms of the geographic scope of the landing area and the size of the invasion force, Operation Overlord far exceeded any amphibious operation in history.
Some may have been amphibious , emerging onto land for at least part of their life cycle.
It has been heavily researched to make sure that even the vehicle and amphibious craft have the correct markings.
Navy and marine amphibious forces are designed and trained to transport and put ashore substantial marine land and air combat forces against enemy opposition.