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amortize / амортизировать, погашать, отчуждать недвижимость
amortize, absorb, amortise, damp
liquidate, extinguish, cancel, satisfy, amortize, sink
отчуждать недвижимость
amortize, amortise
reduce or extinguish (a debt) by money regularly put aside.
loan fees can be amortized over the life of the mortgage
To amortize that investment, it is desirable that a given facility be designed to serve for several ecosystem generations.
the vessel's owners could not amortize her high capital costs
In contrast, he argues, purchase accounting is more appropriate, because an acquirer must write up the assets it buys and amortize for a period of not more than 20 years the premium it pays in excess of the target's book value.
Currently, companies that hedge an interest-rate or price risk with an option contract can amortize the cost of the option (the premium) over the life of the contract.
Its aim was to repurpose content and, in so doing, to amortize the cost of news gathering and talent across 24 hours of cable television as well as the existing 20 hours (roughly speaking) of broadcast time.
The following year a sinking fund was established in an effort to amortize the debt.
The math is both simple and complex; calculating the periodic interest is simple but finding the exact periodic payment to amortize the debt is complex.
Special privileges, such as monopolies on the local production and sale of Venetian style glass, helped glassmakers to amortize the high cost of setting up a new factory and importing skilled workers.
The lender "terms out" the carryover debt that is not cleaned up, but the cash flow from operations is insufficient to amortize the debt.
A newer trailer allows you to amortize the initial cost over more years and maximize the benefits of the features you request.