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amorphous / аморфный, бесформенный, некристаллический
имя прилагательное
amorphous, formless
formless, shapeless, unformed, amorphous, malformed, unshapely
имя прилагательное
without a clearly defined shape or form.
amorphous blue forms and straight black lines
The National Theatre of Scotland is a scheme without precedent, an organisation that will be neither a building nor a company but an amorphous commissioning body.
They were not individuals, but an amorphous mass, a group of so-called queue jumpers.
Apart from these clearly definable shapes, the orbicular elements were generally amorphous .
And we take them as individuals, not as an amorphous mass.
Human libido is more than that: a wholly amorphous , indiscriminate, self-centred eroticism that seeks its objects for no other purpose than the satisfaction that comes with release of its own tensions.
Attempting to answer it by using saber-rattling to attack an amorphous axis of enemies is a great failure of leadership.
Elsewhere, amorphous biological shapes remind you of transplant organs on life-support machines, or the literal ‘test-tube’ babies.
Feature films are not just testimonials - they need a shape - and this film is conspicuously amorphous .
The room was darkly lit and the amorphous silhouettes littered about in the shadows made it claustrophobic.
Never entirely blank, she represents something - a vague, amorphous wholesomeness that persists despite the stories of handcuffs in the luggage, the suspender-belted photos and the string of boyfriends.